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CRISPR and… Saved by Science!

UPDATE: I had a great time talking to Dr. Mark Poznansky today (despite the technical difficulties)! If you want to watch, the recording is here: *** I just finished reading Saved by Science and can’t wait to talk to Dr. Mark Poznansky in this Facebook Live event tomorrow. To tune in, follow this link: […]


I love this Inside Science interview with Samuel Acheampong, a scientist who’s using CRISPR to edit sweet potatoes. Now you might think that sweet potatoes are fine just they way they are. But the traditional variety grown in Ghana (and most of Africa) is low in beta carotene – a vitamin important to everything from […]

CRISPR and… The Nobel Prize!

Amazing news! After all the research I did for CRISPR: A Powerful Way to Change DNA, I pretty much feel like I know these two amazing scientists. Read more about it at CBC News. CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier!! I’m sending you a copy of my book. xo

Other Words for Home

On the surface, Other Words for Home is about Jude’s move from Syria to America with her mother. It beautifully portrays Jude’s love of Syria and her heart break over leaving. I felt every bit of her pain as she’s forced to leave behind her Babba and her older brother who is fighting for change […]

The Miraculous

The Miraculous is about 11-year-old Wunder, a self-proclaimed miracologist. From a young age, Wunder has believed in miracles and kept a notebook full of extraordinary stories. Then his baby sister dies at only 8 days of age and his mom goes into a major depression. Wunder’s belief in magic disappears. Because how can miracles exist […]

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