Yolanda Ridge

Middle Grade Author


My Writing Life

Writing has always been my outlet. In elementary school, it was greeting cards and plays that I forced my sister to perform with me. In junior high school, it was poetry loaded with teenaged angst. In high school, it was journaling and letters to far away friends.

In University, I focused on academic writing. Seven years of that earned me a Masters Degree in Science. With bills to pay, I immediately went to work as a Genetic Counsellor where I spent ten years writing scientific articles, educational material, and “Dear Doctor” letters.

When I became a mom in 2006, everything came full circle. Now, with inspiration all around me, my writing is once again creative and focused on the most important thing in life – being a kid.

My Home

I was born in Burlington, Ontario. Since then, I’ve had 20 different addresses in 11 cities and 3 provinces across Canada. I now live in Canada’s alpine city, nestled in the Kootenay region of  BC, where I’m planning to stay.


My husband, Tim, and I have two wonderful sons; 12-year-old twin boys, Oliver & Spencer.


For me, fun is a day in the mountains; hiking, biking or skiing.


Vegetarian food makes me happy; growing it, cooking it, baking it, and eating it!

A Note about My Name

Yolanda is spelled differently than it’s pronounced (without the ‘d’… yo-lawn-a). Very confusing, I know. Blame my mom… I do.