My Writing Life

Writing has always been my outlet. In elementary school, I wrote screen plays (grand productions that I forced my sister to perform with me) and articles for the school newspaper. In junior high school, I wrote poetry loaded with teenaged angst (pages and pages of it!). In high school, I kept a journal and wrote letters to far away friends.

In University, I focused on academic writing. Seven years of that earned me a Masters Degree in Science. With bills to pay, I immediately went to work as a Genetic Counsellor where I spent ten years writing scientific articles, educational material, and “Dear Doctor” letters.

When I became a mom in 2006, everything came full circle. Now, with inspiration all around me, my writing is once again creative and focused on the most important thing in life – being a kid.

My Home

I was born in Burlington, Ontario. Since then, I’ve had 20 different addresses in 11 cities and 3 provinces across Canada. I now live in Canada’s alpine city, nestled in the Kootenay region of  BC, where I’m planning to stay.


My husband, Tim, and I have two sons; 14-year-old twins named Oliver & Spencer. We share every chair in the house with our cat, Jupiter.


For me, fun is a day in the mountains; hiking, biking or skiing.


Vegetarian food makes me happy; growing it, cooking it, baking it, and eating it!

A Note about My Name

Yolanda is spelled differently than it’s pronounced (without the ‘d’… yo-lawn-a). Very confusing, I know. Blame my mom… I do.