What Poo Can Do

How Animals Are Fighting the Climate Crisis

We all know animals are affected by the climate crisis.

But did you know the climate crisis is also affected by animals?

From whales to dung beetles, What Poo Can Do explores how animals big and small are helping the planet every time they do a number two. Come on a journey to different parts of the world to see how animals are fertilizing plants, storing carbon, preventing fires, reducing methane and even creating color-coded maps—all through their feces! Readers will discover how animal defecation makes a difference when it comes to the climate crisis. It’s time to embrace the power of poo!


“While most environmental titles for children focus on how humans can protect and care for the
planet, this book focuses on animals who are already assisting the cause—with poop!”

Booklist; March 1, 2024 (page 48)

“The text is well-organized and sustains the reader’s interest. Highly recommended.”

Canadian Review of Materials;  Volume XXX / Issue 18 – January 19 / 2024

“Provides food for thought, offers pertinent information, and equips interested middle graders with fodder for discussion and research.”

Sal’s Fiction Addiction;  March 17, 2024

“This engaging book tackles a surprising topic head-on, transforming animal waste into a springboard for a fascinating ecological exploration… Kids will be surprised and empowered to learn how even something seemingly gross can be a superhero for the Earth, inspiring them to see the world around them in a whole new light.”

Children’s Literature;  May, 2024