Happy Book Birthday, Elliot Jelly-Legs!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

I’m certainly feeling all the feels as Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Bobblehead Miracle officially hits the shelves today. A good friend reminded me that the seeds of Elliot’s story were sprouting on walks we took over five years ago with my beloved dog, Rover, who’s no longer with us.

Rover and Jupiter hanging out at home in 2019.

It’s been a long journey to the publication of Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Bobblehead Miracle. I took a few risks with this book that are making me feel a bit vulnerable. One was setting it in Trail, BC rather than a fictional town. Another was including the very real Carey Price as a magical role model for Elliot. I really hope these things help young readers connect with the story and see themselves on the page.

I’ve been told by my publisher that Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Bobblehead Miracle is much more than a hockey book. I completely agree—it’s a book about resilience, relationships, superstition, belonging and believing in yourself. It contains strong characters that want nothing to do with hockey at all such as Elliot’s adopted sister, Aislyn, who competes in a fictional Change Climate Change contest. At its heart, though, the story’s about Elliot’s passion for hockey and his desire to be part of the team.

Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Booblehead Miracle is dedicated to my son, who’s both a player and official with the Greater Trail Minor Hockey Association. The work I put into writing it was supported by so many family, friends, hockey parents, writers, colleagues and most importantly—readers. I’m so grateful to you all. xo

Clip Art by Dawn Hudson