The Whaler’s Daughter

Title: The Whaler’s Daughter

Author: Jerry Mikorenda

Publisher: Regal House

ISBN: 9781646030705

Publication Date: July 2021

Full disclosure: this wonderful book was written by my equally wonderful friend and writing partner, Jerry Mikorenda. There’s no way I can objectively review The Whaler’s Daughter so I’m not even going to try. The cover speaks for itself (isn’t it beautiful?) and Jerry’s writing skill shines from the very first page.

Instead, here’s the blurb:

Australia 1910. Twelve-year-old Savannah Dawson lives with her widowed father Caleb on a whaling station in New South Wales with an unusual crew.

The Dawson’s have a pact – some say an unholy one – where killer whales help them hunt larger whales. Savannah believes the killer whales also hunted her older brothers, who died mysteriously eight years earlier while fishing. Haunted by their deaths, she wants to become a whaler to prove to her father that she can to fulfill the family legacy and avenge her brothers.

On her first hunt, the whale destroys Savannah’s boat. The legendary orca JUNGAY returns to rescue her. Savannah rides Jungay to safety and begins questioning everything she thought she knew about the orcas, her family and the revenge she seeks.

For more information, check out this review from Bookworm for Kids. Please consider supporting Jerry by buying The Whaler’s Daughter, requesting a copy from your library, or suggesting it for your child’s classroom. You won’t regret it!