Title: Mine! Author: Natalie Hyde Publisher: Scholastic Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge ISBN: 9781443146609 The opening line of Natalie Hyde’s latest title – also a contender for the 2018/19 Red Cedar Book Prize – is sure to grab the attention of young readers: “Moose snot is a real thing, you know.” From there, Chris Dearing (who hates his name) […]

From Ant to Eagle

Title: From Ant to Eagle Author:¬†Alex Lyttle Publisher:¬†Central Avenue Publishing Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge ISBN: 177168111X In From Ant to Eagle, debut author Alex Lyttle creates one of the most authentic sibling relationships I’ve seen in middle grade literature (or possibly any literature at all). It starts with a premise many kids can relate to: 11-year-old […]

When the Worst Happens

Title: WHEN THE WORST HAPPENS: Extraordinary Stories of Survival Author: Tanya Lloyd Kyi Publisher: Annick Press Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge ISBN: 978-1-55451-682-7 This great non-fiction offering from BC author Tanya Lloyd Kyi challenges readers to think about what they’d do if they were facing life and death. Along with engaging artwork by David Parkins, the text provides practical survival tips such […]

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