Website Update

Change is inevitable. And yet… I resist. Full disclosure: I’m a WordPress hack who’s been trying to keep this website looking somewhat professional without investing too much of the money I don’t earn writing books. So when WordPress added “block editing” I resisted learning the new system. Instead, I stuck with “classic editing” even though […]

The Expendable

THE EXPENDABLE, published in YOUTH IMAGINATION MAGAZINE, is a short story written by my friend and critique partner, Jerry Mikorenda. It is aimed at a slightly older audience than most of the books I review on this site, but it is an important read for everyone, especially today. Check it out. The Expendable, Youth Imagination.

Highlights Whole Novel Workshop

I can not thank the Access Copyright Foundation enough for helping me attend the Highlights Whole Novel Workshop through their Professional Development Grant. Attending this workshop was quite simply the best writing experience I’ve had. Here are the “highlights” (pun intended): 16 amazing participants – a diverse collection of creative people who take writing for […]

Writing Process Blog Tour

Jennifer Ellis, author of A Pair of Docks (a clever time travel novel – highly recommended), and the newly released In the Shadow of the Mosquito Constellation  just tagged me in a series of blog posts about the writing process. Here’s how My Writing Process Blog Tour works: once tagged, you answer four questions about the writing process […]

Xmas in July

Yes, you read that right!   Xmas in July! And I’m celebrating because Ruth Lauren Steven picked my entry! Which means that my query and the first 500 words of Inside Hudson Pickle has been posted here, along with fifteen other winners (thirty, including those chosen by fellow blogger Michelle Krys), for agent perusal. And there are […]

The Walking Read

This Friday CWILL BC (Children’s Writers and Illustrator of BC) is hosting The Walking Read, a costume benefitting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.   Both these organizations are close to my heart as both have provided me with a community of caring people during times of need. When Oliver and Spencer were born, they were […]