Up, up and away… at Trail Library

Today I was the special guest at the Trail Library Summer Reading Program.  As part of “To the Stars” I talked about my soon- to-be-published non-fiction book; The Goldilocks Zone: Life on the Planets.  We had tons of fun talking about the planets in our solar system that are too near, too far, too hot, too cold, too big, too small… and how lucky we are to live on planet Earth, which is JUST RIGHT!

You can be a co-author on my outer space adventure by joining the story challenge here.  Then check out the computer stuff for links to websites where you can: Estimate your weight on different planets, estimate your age on different planets, create your own alien, and calculate the time required to travel through the solar system.

My thanks to the Trail Library for welcoming me back (and for the awesome planet cookies!)