No More Rules!

This interactive program for school and library visits gets students thinking about rules in a fun and engaging way.

No More Rules! includes:

  • A fun quiz called “You Can’t Do That!” where students have to decide whether 10 different laws are true / false OR “Loony Laws Bingo” with real rules and regulations from Canada
  • Reading of one chapter from Trouble in the Trees
  • A mock protest that gets students thinking, chanting and making NOISE
  • Lots of time for questions which usually gets me talking about the writing and publishing process
  • Optional book signing and sales

The presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for grades 2-6.

“Your program… was fun and interactive and everyone who attended had a good time.  The ‘You Can’t Do That’ game really engaged the children and you held their attention while reading from your book.  This is not always easy when there are a wide variety of ages in the audience, so job well done!” 

– Allison Knights, Burnaby Public Library

“The students enjoyed your reading from chapter 9 of ‘Trouble in the Trees’ and they loved protesting along with the characters in your book.  We all enjoyed learning about your journey in getting your books published and we hope that there are many more.”

– Laurie McDonald, Bertha Kennedy School

“Yolanda engaged the students immediately… by talking about rules.  Children always have something to say about rules so she had them hooked from the onset.  Yolanda’s enthusiasm and her presentation content were highly appealing.  We would highly recommend Yolanda for a reading to any elementary aged classes.

– Susan Rogers, Nakusp Library

A professionally written teacher’s guide is available for Trouble in the Trees to help incorporate this visit into your class curriculum.

Please e-mail me at for more information.