The Hypnotists

Title: The Hypnotists

Author: Gordon Kormanm4575_hypnotistsbo_4cc

Publisher: Scholastic

Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge

ISBN: 9780545503228

In honour of my sons’ birthday, I thought I’d post a book by one of their favourite authors, Gordon Korman.

With so many great titles to choose from, I had trouble narrowing it down to one feature book by this prolific story teller. My whole family is a huge fan of the 39 clues (the audiobooks are highly recommended for a long car rides), Spencer loves The Everest Trilogy (and Titanic and Dive and Island...) and Oliver is really looking forward to the release of Masterminds.

But the concept of The Hypnotists, where a 12-year-old mind bender masters his talent and learns how the gift of hypnotism can be used to destroy (or save) the world, is pure genius. We are currently listening to the audio version of The Hypnotists (after reading it several times) and reading (well, my son is re-reading) the next book in the series, Memory Maze, which is just as engaging as the first.

Luckily, Gordon Korman likes trilogies so we can probably look forward to another book in this series too. In the meantime, check out any of this author’s titles – you will not be disappointed!

You will not be disappointed, you will not be disappointed, you will not be…