Pictures from the Road Block Launch

Over 50 people attended the book launch at Cafe Books West today.  What a fantastic time we had!  The afternoon started with music by Andrew Bennett and his band.  As people arrived, Oliver and Spencer helped pass out ballots so people could vote for their least favourite rule.  After an introduction by Liz, we filled the bookstore with protest chants from Trouble in the Trees including;

“No More Rules!”

“No Trees, Not Bath!”

“We want to climb!”

“Need to be free to climb a tree!”

When we were done yelling and waving our signs, I read part of chapter two from Road Block.  Then I gave the results of the vote;

No chewing gum – 4

No jumping over puddles of water – 5

No going to bed without a bath – 0

No sneezing or blowing your nose in public – 3

No climbing trees – 14

Two winners were drawn from the ballots.  Congratulations to Lewis for winning a copy of Trouble in the Trees and Jane for winning a copy of Road Block.  The launch was wrapped up with book signings (there was a line up!) cupcakes (we ran out!) and juice.  Everyone had a great time – including me!

My thanks to: Orca Books for publishing and marketing my books, Cafe Books for putting on an amazing event, Dave Hartman and the Hoochie Ranchers (Andrew Bennett’s band) for the music, Lesley Chisholm for taking pictures, my amazing critique group (In the Middle Critters) for the beautiful flowers,  everyone who helped promote the event (including Rossland News, CBC Radio West, Cyndi Smith at MacLean Elementary, my facebook friends…), and all the amazing people who attended!   THANK YOU ROSSLAND!