Fox Talk

Title: Fox TalkFox-Talk-cover-231x300

Author: L. E. Carmichael

Photographer: Jody Bronson

Publisher: Ashby-BP Publishing (August, 2013)

Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge

ISBN: 9780988163874

Interest: Ages 7 and up

In the interest of self-disclosure, the author of this wonderful non-fiction book for kids is a friend of mine. But when I picked up the book at our local library, I did not expect to love it so much.  And my 8-year-old son found it just as fascinating.  An interesting topic, laid out in an easy to understand format, I highly recommend Fox Talk for children of all ages (and adults)! Although I won’t be getting a pet fox anytime soon, it helped me understand – and appreciate – animal communication.nI’ll be listening closer next time my cat meows or dog barks.