Book Deal!

Here’s the good news I teased you with in my previous post…

I just signed a nonfiction book deal with Annick Press for a book on gene editing aimed at students in grades 9-12!!

Maybe you’ve never heard of CRISPR. Or more likely – since it’s regularly in the news – you’ve heard of it but never quite understood what it is (unless you’re one of my many genetic counseling friends, of course). Either way, this book is for you too, regardless of your age. I have no doubt gene editing will be a big part of our future and it’s up to us to decide how it’s used.

It was fun writing the proposal and it’s been super interesting to continue researching this important topic and drafting the book. But since the deadlines are tight, you might not hear much from me on social media until sometime this spring… until then, happy hibernating (I hope you have a good book… or two)!!