Big Sur Writing Workshop

With help from an Access Copyright Foundation Professional Development Grant, I travelled all the way to Big Sur, California this weekend to attend a writing workshop hosted by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and the Henry Miller Library. It was an illuminating and inspiring experience that was at times overwhelming (and exhausting).

Photo compliments of TripAdvisor (I travelled too light to bring a camera)

On the craft side, I brought two contemporary middle grade manuscripts – one that’s been through many rounds of revision (but still not totally working) and one that’s brand new (so new that the first draft isn’t completely written). I got great feedback from my critique groups. Not only did I come away with strategies for moving both stories forward, I also know where to focus my energy next. (Spoiler alert: stay tuned for more information about PLUS ONE GIRL).

Beyond these two manuscripts, I met many talented writers and made lots of new friends. The faculty (top-notch agents, editors and professional writers) were all extremely knowledgable and graciously made themselves accessible to all attendees. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to fully explore the beautiful surroundings. But one thing is for certain – I will be back!!

Photo credit: John Henry (partner of a fellow attendee)


More TripAdvisor (but I did drive over this bridge and it really is that spectacular!)