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So… what’s it like to publish a book?

This presentation takes students through my pathway to publication; from writing to publishing to rejection.   Intended to give students an insight into what it takes to get a piece of writing out of your head into something that can be bought at a bookstore, borrowed from the library, or downloaded online, this presentation gets the audience excited about books!

So… what’s it like to publish a book? includes:

  • A timeline of how long it took me to publish my first book in comparison to the second
  • Definition of terms like manuscript, agent, advanced reading copy
  • Brief explanation of processes like copy-editing and submission
  • A short reading from Trouble in the Trees, Road Block and unpublished material
  • Opportunities for the audience to ask questions, make  comments, and participate throughout the presentation
  • Optional book signing and sales

This author visit  lasts an hour and is appropriate for grades 4-8.  Can be done as a power point presentation for larger audiences.

Offered as part of Authors for Earth Day.

A professionally written teacher’s guide is available for Trouble in the Trees to help incorporate this visit into your class curriculum.

“The kids and teachers loved your presentation, it was an absolute hit. I just wanted to thank you again!”
                                                                                                          –  Samanta Fleming, co-ordinator of RSS Reads
Please e-mail me at yolanda_ridge@yahoo.ca for more information.

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