One Year Later

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I last posted an update. Here’s a pretty good summary of what the year’s been like:

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work at Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre as a Knowledge Translation Coordinator. I learned tons and really enjoyed the people I got to interact with on a daily basis.

It was a lot to juggle that full time position and my other writing contracts, however. (Especially in addition to keeping up with two busy 16-year-olds and building a house!) So when my contract did not get renewed for another year (because of a new requirement that everyone must work on site at least two days a week), it was a bit of a relief.

Going forward, I will be doing part time contract work for my favourite Genome Sciences Centre project,, and some other freelance science writing through UBC. This will allow me time to focus on the three book contracts I currently have as well as pitching more. I’m looking forward to all these projects but especially exited to be returning to more creative work and (hopefully) a more balanced schedule.

Stay tuned for an update on Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Bobblehead Miracle, other exciting book news and maybe even more book reviews! Thanks to everyone reading this post for sticking with me on this journey!