He Said, She Said

This workshop introduces students to the importance of perspective in storytelling. Using well known examples, we discuss how much a story changes depending on who is telling it and from what point of view they are seeing the plot unfold. Fun and engaging, this workshop tackles the sometimes complicated concepts of perspective, point of view and voice in an easy and engaging manner.

He Said, She Said: It’s all about PERSPECTIVE includes:

  • Definition of perspective, point of view, and voice in storytelling
  • Videos and a book reading that shows The Three Little Pigs told from various points of view: 3rd person omniscient, 3rd person limited, 1st person
  • Overview of all points of view and how to decide which one to use to tell your story
  • Writing exercise from a specific point of view using a picture prompt
  • Rewriting of story from a different point of view
  • Opportunities for students to ask questions, make comments, and participate throughout the workshop

This workshop lasts an hour and a half and is appropriate for grades 4-8. It requires a screen for displaying a power point presentation and works best with a group of 10-30 students.

Please e-mail me at yolanda_ridge@yahoo.ca for more information.