85aa7143d67567dd5b1308d2fb2ff962-w204@1xTitle: Extraordinary

Author: Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Reviewer: Yolanda Ridge

ISBN: 9781632204028

First, I have to start with a disclaimer: there is no way I can objectively review this book. It was written by my critique partner and great writing friend, Miriam Spitzer Franklin, and I’ve the pleasure of reading it at various stages of production. The novel has undergone extensive review numerous times and Miriam has worked tirelessly to tell this beautiful story of friendship, hope, disability, and self discovery.

The journey to publication has not been easy for Miriam or this book but I’m so glad she persevered. Extraordinary is a beautifully written, contemporary middle grade novel about two best friends, Pansy and Anna. At a basic level, it is about what 10-year-old Pansy is willing to do for Anna – to become an “extraordinary” friend – after Anna suffers severe brain after contracting meningitis. But underneath all the acts of bravery – cutting off her hair, rollerblading, and more – is Pansy’s ultimate desire to get back the friend she misses so much. Through her journey, Pansy realizes that wishing for something doesn’t necessarily make it come true and that being extraordinary means so much more than taking risks and trying new things.

Aimed at eight to twelve year old readers, this book is heart warming, authentic, and highly recommended (despite my lack of objectivity)! Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!