Sound like something from a low budget science fiction film? Maybe. But let’s take a look at what kinds of changes might be necessary for humans to be able to live happily ever after somewhere far, far away.  BECOMING ALIEN There are lots of things we’d have to consider in adapting ourselves to life on […]


LCA10 Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA) is the leading cause of blindness in childhood. The symptoms of LCA vary, but most people born with the condition are legally blind. They may only be able to differentiate between dark and light and see limited movement. There are several types of LCA. Type 10 is caused by a […]


ALLERGIES Over 10% of people are allergic to cats. For them, the gentle purr of a feline friend comes with anything from sneezing and sniffling to skin rashes and asthma. So what do you do if you love cats (or hate mice) but can’t breathe when Fluffy is around? The options are limited: Antihistamines (pills […]


HOW TO DO DECAF There are several different ways to decaffeinate coffee. The most common methods involve soaking unroasted coffee beans and adding a solvent to draw the caffeine out of the bean. If you enjoy your java sans caffeine, you may want to stop reading now. But if you want to know more, here’s some detail: […]

Happy Canada Day!

My website doesn’t look much different than it did when I posted a (somewhat premature) announcement called WEBSITE UDPATE. But since then, I’ve taken a Gale Course on Intermediate WordPess Website building and totally upgraded the back end of my site. I’m now working hard on things like “keyword mapping” and “search engine optimization”. In […]