Heaven in Paved with Oreos

With a new job doing freelance writing for our local paper (Rossland News) I haven’t had much time to do book reviews, but I did get the opportunity to interview Catherine Murdock about her new book, Heaven is Paved with Oreos. Check out my Mixed-Up Files interview and enter to win a copy of the book which features D.J. […]

Xmas in July

Yes, you read that right!   Xmas in July! And I’m celebrating because Ruth Lauren Steven picked my entry! Which means that my query and the first 500 words of Inside Hudson Pickle has been posted here, along with fifteen other winners (thirty, including those chosen by fellow blogger Michelle Krys), for agent perusal. And there are […]

The Walking Read

This Friday CWILL BC (Children’s Writers and Illustrator of BC) is hosting The Walking Read, a costume benefitting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.   Both these organizations are close to my heart as both have provided me with a community of caring people during times of need. When Oliver and Spencer were born, they were […]

Save the Trees with Straw Paper Books

The words of two beloved Canadian authors, Yann Martel and Alice Munro, have been now printed on straw.  Read more about it in the Globe and Mail or through Canopy – the environmental group  who collaborated with Random House to print collectors’ editions of Dear Life and Life of Pi on paper made from straw. […]